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Top 10 Writing and Self-Publishing courses for writers and authors (online)

These are resources with which I have personal experience, and recommend as honest and reliable.
These are listed in no particular order, as they're all very good resources, depending on your needs for a particular interest or skill level. I have no financial or marketing affiliation with any of them. I have purchased courses or taken webinars from them, as well as other courses remarkably absent from this list, and simply would like to save others from learning the hard way. I learned through the "school of hard knocks" after paying thousands to shysters  who charged for everything yet failed to deliver. You can find additional detail on the recommendations below, with names, links, and a couple of warnings (such as what "90 days to a bestseller"
really means), here:

01 Derek Murphy's Creativ Indie

Yes, there is no "e" on "Creativ". This is an awesome free website packed with information and tools. Derek is an honest, upstanding guy who really tries to help authors who are also indie publishers.

02 Dave Chesson's Kindlepreneur 

Dave Chesson is another honest, upstanding guy. His website offers tons of information and how-to lists and tools for free. He also has a couple of software products to purchase. (I have bought both, and updates have been part of the deal - no extra charges to stay current.) 

03 Derek Murphy's Guerrilla Publishing

This is a free Facebook group. Derek has a second Facebook group, a private one for students of his courses.

04 Joe Bunting's The Write Practice

The Write Practice offers a few courses, lots of articles about how to write well, and opportunities for feedback on your writing. If you know how to write but just have difficulty getting motivated to make progress, his 100 Day Book course may be for you. He also has a Foundations of Publishing course that includes the how-to information that certain other courses may not. When I took Foundations of Publishing, it included a course on creating one's 'author platform', which I found very helpful. You don't always get what you pay for in the world of indie-author courses, but you get your money's worth with Joe.

05 Mark Dawson's Self Publishing Formula 101

As with most (but not all) online courses, Self Publishing Formula 101 offers lifetime access to both the course material (which gets updated to stay current) and a private Facebook group. Mark Dawson's courses have top-rated reputations among authors.

06 Mark Dawson's Ads for Authors

As with most (but not all) online courses, a private Facebook group is included with a for-purchase course; membership in the group does not expire, and it's free. Mark Dawson's courses have top-rated reputations among authors, and they're updated as necessary to stay current.









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